Safety Rules for Frosty's Stable
Currently Effective as from March 1995 until Present
I am concerned about the safety and liability for all of us using the barn and
associated facilities.
We must establish some rules to avoid anyone getting hurt, especially the children and horses.

All horse owners must agree and sign a
"Release and Hold Harmless Agreement".
Owners must also sign an agreement for spouses
and minor children that will accompany them.
Horse Owners must inform any guest, friend, or family member over the age of 18,
who may have occasion to assist them, that they themselves are fully responsible
for their safety and liability to others.
All adults and their children, who are non-paying horse owners at this barn,
are respectfully requested not to use these privately owned facilities.
Minors accompanying horse owner parents; must be supervised at all times,
not allowed to play in the shavings areas, the covered riding areas, or in and around the barn.
They must stay in the hallways where horses are behind barriers.
Working for a boarding adult while cleaning the stalls or riding horses comes under the "Release Agreement"
Children, under no circumstances, are allowed in the loft.
Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Dogs, Cats or Guns of any type, are not permitted in or
around the barn, arenas or pasture area.
You may smoke only in your car, or if provided, strictly in a designated smoking area.
Everyone must clean and sweep up their own mess before leaving for the day.
All mounted riders must wear a safety helmet.
All gates and entry doors must remain closed. Main pasture gates must remain closed and latched.
Common areas (Round Pen, Outdoor Arena and Lunge Area) must be closed and latched.
Do not tie your horse up to a board, fencing or gate.
We do not provide covered open areas for unattended horses.
The only exception is the Lunge Area and this is only a temporary solution during the winter
designed to be kept to a 30 minute time limit while cleaning a stall.
Horses should not be left unattended in other common areas, even in cross ties.

With everyone's cooperation, no one will get hurt. This is our ultimate goal.
Please remember these are privately owned facilities, and you are my guests.
Remember the Golden Rule, and let it be our guide to a healthy working relationship.
-Sincerely Owner/Manager
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