Here are pictures of our facility. These should give you a better idea of what a wonderful place Frosty's Stables are to call home. Please click these pictures to enlarge.

Just so you won't miss us, here is our big red barn.

Here is a picture of a stall.
Available in 3 sizes/prices.

Our covered, lighted arena is perfect for getting out of the rain/snow/hot sun.

This is the lunge area. This area is more commonly
used to turn your horse out while cleaning his stall only.
Time here is limited to 15min. This is where we also
hot fence train any new horses,
unfamilliar with how they work.

Here is our round pen.

More affectionately called the "beach",
this is yet another practice area for your horse.

Our wash rack water temperature is perfectly warmed year round.

You will be assigned a pasture slot of your very
own when you board with us in the Spring/Summer.
Here is a view of what your horse will see.

Our Eastside Pastures for our Eastside Boarders.

Here is our South Pasture.
It is where our horses spend their time outdoors in the Winter
(generally between Nov-April).
It is a herd pasture. Mares, Mixed, and Gelding.

One tack locker is included with stall rental.
There is plenty of space for storing everything, even your saddle.

Here is our compost bin for dumping your waste.
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