Horse Boarding Rules of Agreement and Information
Frosty' Stables
13103 SE Green Valley RD.
Auburn, WA 98002

Horse Boarding Rules of Agreement and Information

We have 3 pastures, 1 lunge area, 1 round pen, 1 outdoor covered arena, and 1 uncovered arena. These privately owned areas will be shared with the property owner who runs cattle about 7 months each year as part of the pasture management (horses will not eat the weeds, cows will).

From mid October until mid April, the property owner will not allow horses or cows on the east and west pasture. When the ground out here gets saturated with water, it is too easy for horses to slip and hurt themselves. They (horses and cows) also tear up the grass and the topsoil washes away. Again, pasture management is a big concern. Part of the south pasture (across the street) is the only pasture boarders may use during the winter. There will always be a pasture area for horses (in winter there won't be much grass). The owner will post a notice on the message board (by the office) whenever a pasture is not available.

Clean any horse waste from the common areas after using and rake high spots down.

If your horse has been stalled all day, put your horse in the lunge area while cleaning his stall to give him an opportunity to roll and kick up his heels. Do not put him in a vacant stall while cleaning.

If you want your horse out of his stall for unattended exercise, he/she must go in a pasture as previously stated. We do not provide covered opened areas for unattended horses.

-Sincerley Owner/Manager
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